Treat Your Elbow Pain Without Surgery

Tommy John Surgery is a procedure attempting to reconstruct the ulnar collateral ligament, which is a very important ligament for elbow stability. The surgery involves cleaning out any damaged tissues in the elbow, and then drilling holes into the upper forearm and lower arm to thread a new ligament through with a graft from your body.

This surgery is common in athletes, especially baseball players due to the high amounts of pressure they put through their elbow. It usually takes at least 9 months for the athlete to return to their sport, but could take much longer than that.

Eternity takes advantage of the body’s natural healing abilities, powering it up for focused recovery in the elbow. Not only does this cut your recovery time down to a fraction of that of surgery, but also avoids the extra complications that surgery can bring.

Responsible Pain Management For Elbow Ligament Tears

Tommy John Surgery is a fun name, but we coined Responsible Pain Management (RPM), which is our solution to elbow injuries that provides lasting pain relief without surgery or drugs.
RPM will let you enjoy faster and more effective recovery by using our integrative medicine, and get you back to playing baseball and doing all your other activities ASAP!

Our professional team will first take you through our advanced medical diagnostics process, pin-pointing exactly how much damage your ligament suffered and where we need to focus your treatment. Our integrative medicine will give you a great advantage, providing a customized plan of recovery that directly attacks the problem from all angles.

We use cutting-edge stem cell therapy, which will give your body powerful tools to start healing itself and enter a regenerative state. Our other therapies include physical medicine and rehabilitation to build strength and stability in your elbow, platelet-rich plasma therapies (PRP) to accelerate healing, medical acupuncture to deal with the pain, and more to boost your body’s healing powers.

Treat Your Elbow Tears With Eternity

Our highly-trained team of doctors will guide you through your entire recovery process, approaching your elbow injury with the highest care possible. We look forward to discussing how Eternity can help you in your recovery journey!

What We Do Here At Eternity?

At Eternity, we are most well-known for our integrated approach to healing. We combine western medicine, eastern medicine, and modern medicine approaches to ensure the highest patient outcomes possible, delivering the highest chance of healing and recovery. Our bodies are capable of healing and regenerating themselves if we provide them with the right
opportunity to do so. This is what our non-surgical solutions are all about, creating an environment for the body to heal itself and avoid drugs and surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tommy John Surgery reconstructs your ulnar collateral ligament, which is an important ligament in your elbow for stability.

Most commonly its baseball players – pitchers specifically. This is because of the intense pressure they put on their elbow through repetitive pitching. The surgery is actually named after former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Tommy John!

By boosting the body’s natural ability to heal, Eternity can strengthen ligaments and muscles around the ulnar collateral ligament, and also put the elbow into a regenerative state that heals the ligament.

Why Work With Us?

Our team at Eternity Health Partners is focused on providing exceptional care and guidance to our clients. Our team works with clients to understand their lifestyles and goals and to come up with an appropriate anti-aging approach.

Understand patient's lifestyle and goals

Perform in-depth laboratory tests

Analyze lab results and client lifestyle/goals

Define a wellness plan for the client



Liz started doing personal blood draws after her son, Dashiell, was born with Zellwegers disease. His diagnosis required numerous blood draws and drug levels throughout his life. After sitting through long wait times at the labs followed by watching many different phlebotomists, many new to the job, struggle to find his veins, often poking him multiple times, as a seasoned phlebotomist, Liz decided to draw his blood at home and hand deliver it to the lab myself. Soon after she began doing personal touch blood draws so she can now offer that same personalized service to you.

Liz graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Biology in 1994. She moved to Santa Barbara and earned her phlebotomy certificate in 1995. Liz began working at St. Francis Medical Center in the Physical Therapy Department and quickly transferred to the Laboratory. Perfecting her venipuncture techniques on all floors of the hospital, including post-operative patients, pregnant women going into labor, sick or premature babies, and emergency room patrons, she then improved her patient care skills working for internal medicine doctors, one of whom was the Medical Director of Hospice and won Doctor of the Year. In 1999, Liz started working with a group of local retinal surgeons. Her primary job consisted of injecting dye into arm veins and photographing its flow through the patients retinal vessels. When patients are worried about their diagnosis or apprehensive about the procedure because of difficult veins, her quick, almost pain free needle stick and kind but professional bed side manner would put them at ease.

The various settings and patients Liz has encountered over the years have enabled her to become very skilled at finding the smallest and most fragile of vessels. Her specialities include infants and the elderly, diabetics of all ages, patients with rolling veins, on blood thinners or chemotherapy. She lives in downtown Santa Barbara, travels from Goleta to Carpintera and brings all the necessary supplies directly to you. All she needs from you is a lab request and your home or office becomes an instant draw station. Appointment times are very flexible, and she is friendly, reliable and punctual. Be kind to your arm and treat yourself to the luxury blood draw you deserve!!!


Mike brings more than just a medical perspective to his clients; at the age of 14, he began an athletic career as a pole-vaulter that would end up taking him on an incredible journey over the next 13 years of his life. Throughout his athletic journey Mike was constantly working to find the ideal balance of fitness and proper nutrition in order to maximize his performances. Combined with his medical knowledge the years of athletic experience provide a unique and successful combination that serve to benefit his staff and clients.

“After I shifted the focus of my practice from Sports Medicine into Nuclear Medicine specifically Interventional Endocrinology. I found myself questioning our western medical paradigm…Here I was performing thyroid cancer and Hyperthyroidism treatments with harmful radical thyroid radioactive ablations which really made me take a hard look in the mirror and become more of a researcher to find safer and more effective options to better treat my clients. During my research I realized that there were very few, if any, medically directed programs focused towards achieving a “Healthier Lifestyle” rather than typical “Diet” fads.” A few years later after training and working with some of the worlds foremost Bio-identical Hormone Replacement specialists I became Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Sort of just found my passion and the answers I had been looking for with this new specialty finally after years of treating people with the Band-Aid “fix it when its broken” mentality instead of at the root cause.”

Mike has spent the last 10 years in Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine. He has trained over 120 physicians in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and consulting for their practices. Today his vision is a reality, and clients from all of the world come to benefit from the successful programs that have been established at Age Management Institute Santa Barbara. He firmly believes in educating the patient about the importance of good nutrition, hormone balance, stress management, and regular exercise is the key to aging well and having a high quality of life well into your golden years.