Weight Loss & Management in Montecito, CA

Reevaluating Your Nutritional Needs for Effective Weight Loss

Your struggle to lose weight despite trying various diets and exercises might be due to a nutritional imbalance. Essential vitamins and minerals are crucial for the body’s optimal performance, including weight management. An imbalance can lead to improper fat storage due to disrupted hormonal signals. Ensuring adequate nutrient intake can help your body more effectively use fat as fuel.

Peptide Innovations: The Impact of Ipamorelin and CJC-1295

Discover the advancements made with Ipamorelin and CJC-1295, peptides known for their targeted approach to fat loss and minimal side effects. These next-generation peptides offer improved efficacy in stimulating fat loss, making them superior choices for enhancing weight management efforts.

  • Accelerated weight loss

  • Anti-aging (faster recovery, look & feel younger)

  • Improved sleep and mood

  • Increase energy

  • Long-term growth hormone production

  • Increased libido

  • Improves skin elasticity (wrinkle improvement)

  • Increased metabolism

  • Stronger bones… and more!

Maximizing Weight Loss with Tesamorelin

Tesamorelin, a synthetic analogue of growth hormone-releasing hormone, stimulates the pituitary gland to increase growth hormone production. This process is crucial for supporting growth and cellular repair, contributing significantly to effective weight management.

The Appetite-Reducing Effects of Semaglutide

Semaglutide tackles weight loss by targeting the brain’s appetite centers, reducing hunger and extending feelings of fullness. Its action as a GLP1 analogue helps manage appetite and slow down gastric emptying, aiding in weight loss efforts.

Tirzepatide: Elevating Weight Loss Strategies

Consider the unique capabilities of Tirzepatide in addressing weight loss through a multi-faceted approach. By affecting various metabolic processes, Tirzepatide enhances appetite control and fat burning, offering a comprehensive solution for weight management.

MOTS-C: Revolutionizing Metabolic Balance

Learn about the transformative effects of MOTS-c on metabolism and weight loss. This peptide enhances mitochondrial function for better energy regulation, supporting an optimized metabolic state conducive to weight loss.

  • Weight loss,

  • Muscle gain,

  • Osteoporosis prevention,

  • Strengthened immunity,

  • Increased energy, and

  • Much more!

Naltrexone: Beyond Traditional Weight Loss Medications

Explore the broad-reaching benefits of Naltrexone in weight management, including its role in suppressing appetite, improving metabolic health, enhancing sleep, and elevating mood, providing a holistic approach to combating weight gain.

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Liz started doing personal blood draws after her son, Dashiell, was born with Zellwegers disease. His diagnosis required numerous blood draws and drug levels throughout his life. After sitting through long wait times at the labs followed by watching many different phlebotomists, many new to the job, struggle to find his veins, often poking him multiple times, as a seasoned phlebotomist, Liz decided to draw his blood at home and hand deliver it to the lab myself. Soon after she began doing personal touch blood draws so she can now offer that same personalized service to you.

Liz graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Biology in 1994. She moved to Santa Barbara and earned her phlebotomy certificate in 1995. Liz began working at St. Francis Medical Center in the Physical Therapy Department and quickly transferred to the Laboratory. Perfecting her venipuncture techniques on all floors of the hospital, including post-operative patients, pregnant women going into labor, sick or premature babies, and emergency room patrons, she then improved her patient care skills working for internal medicine doctors, one of whom was the Medical Director of Hospice and won Doctor of the Year. In 1999, Liz started working with a group of local retinal surgeons. Her primary job consisted of injecting dye into arm veins and photographing its flow through the patients retinal vessels. When patients are worried about their diagnosis or apprehensive about the procedure because of difficult veins, her quick, almost pain free needle stick and kind but professional bed side manner would put them at ease.

The various settings and patients Liz has encountered over the years have enabled her to become very skilled at finding the smallest and most fragile of vessels. Her specialities include infants and the elderly, diabetics of all ages, patients with rolling veins, on blood thinners or chemotherapy. She lives in downtown Santa Barbara, travels from Goleta to Carpintera and brings all the necessary supplies directly to you. All she needs from you is a lab request and your home or office becomes an instant draw station. Appointment times are very flexible, and she is friendly, reliable and punctual. Be kind to your arm and treat yourself to the luxury blood draw you deserve!!!


Mike brings more than just a medical perspective to his clients; at the age of 14, he began an athletic career as a pole-vaulter that would end up taking him on an incredible journey over the next 13 years of his life. Throughout his athletic journey Mike was constantly working to find the ideal balance of fitness and proper nutrition in order to maximize his performances. Combined with his medical knowledge the years of athletic experience provide a unique and successful combination that serve to benefit his staff and clients.

“After I shifted the focus of my practice from Sports Medicine into Nuclear Medicine specifically Interventional Endocrinology. I found myself questioning our western medical paradigm…Here I was performing thyroid cancer and Hyperthyroidism treatments with harmful radical thyroid radioactive ablations which really made me take a hard look in the mirror and become more of a researcher to find safer and more effective options to better treat my clients. During my research I realized that there were very few, if any, medically directed programs focused towards achieving a “Healthier Lifestyle” rather than typical “Diet” fads.” A few years later after training and working with some of the worlds foremost Bio-identical Hormone Replacement specialists I became Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Sort of just found my passion and the answers I had been looking for with this new specialty finally after years of treating people with the Band-Aid “fix it when its broken” mentality instead of at the root cause.”

Mike has spent the last 10 years in Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine. He has trained over 120 physicians in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and consulting for their practices. Today his vision is a reality, and clients from all of the world come to benefit from the successful programs that have been established at Age Management Institute Santa Barbara. He firmly believes in educating the patient about the importance of good nutrition, hormone balance, stress management, and regular exercise is the key to aging well and having a high quality of life well into your golden years.